Monday, July 24, 2017

Half a dozen kids in 10 years!!

I am praising the Lord right now as I sit and count my blessings. Yes, I have not updated this blog in many years. I kinda forgot about it and just realized it was still here.
  So fast forward ten years from the last post and we now are richly blessed with half a dozen children. I would have never dreamed I would receive such a gift from the Lord. 
They are all tucked into bed and here I find myself marveling at how far the Lord has brought us. Nathanael is 9, Isaac is 7, Hadassah is 5, Jubilee is 3, and the twins Noble and Mercy are 1 and a 1/2. Currently we are getting ready for the school year. We love our A Beka book curriculum. It has been such a blessing, but that is a different post for a different day. Boy, it sure is easy to go down rabbit trails when you blog. 
  Lots of people have teased us that we have six kids and counting, and that we are like the Duggers, blown away that we have so many kids, though it doesn't feel like it honestly. We just let the Lord decide what we are gonna have. He is the one who creates the person. The Bible says in Psalms that He knits us together in our mother's womb. Incredible to think everything about us, God knitted together. Our DNA was formed by Him and He makes no mistakes. We can surely leave our cares and worries in His hands, though easier said than done. Every person is precious and even with our differences and health issues we might have or have been born with, we are still precious and that is because we bear the image of God. Each life matters and we are to trust Him and leave the rest in His hands.
My twins, Noble and Mercy have been one of the biggest surprises of my life and I have not been surprised too many times in my life. I have always wanted twins and I prayed that I would have twins. I prayed that with my first baby, my second baby and by my third baby, the thought never occurred again. I kinda just forgot about it and just enjoyed my sweet babies the Lord had blessed me with. With my fifth baby, I went in for my ultra-sound and when the technician noticed two in there, I was blown way. I started laughing, then crying. I was hot, then cold. I could not believe it. What an amazing gift from the Lord. Too bad Derek couldn't be there, but my friend Joyce was there with me and she flipped when she heard it. We were both acting pretty hyper. Isn't God good. The twins are now a year and a half and I am still in shock. "Two for the price of one", is what one of the doctors helping me deliver them said. That is exactly what I always thought. You get two blessings for one time of delivery and pregnancy. 
   The twins are so much fun and they have such a bond. Its fun to watch them. They are so different but they are both so sweet. They both like to cuddle with mama. The other kids are such a help to me and such a blessing. They aren't perfect, as no one is, but they sure are wonderful. I love them all so very much. Thank you Lord, I know I don't deserve them or this life you have given me. And You Lord are the most Precious gift of all.
PS. This photo is a few years old.  I can not seem to find a newer one on this computer. It is missing some of us. 

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