Thursday, March 28, 2013

Six Years of Grace

I can't believe I will have been married 6 years this May 26, 2013. Time sure flys and it flys even faster with each new baby. The Lord has blessed us so much and has worked in us and given us grace along the way, with each new turn on this wonderful journey of the life he has blessed us with. Without his grace and kindness where would we be? When we trip and fall, he is there to give us grace. When we are prideful and self-reliant, he gives us his grace and don't we need it real bad. I am so thankful to our kind father for leading us with a gentle hand and giving us gifts from his own heart and hand. May we also show that grace to others. When our friend offends us with a comment, or when someone truly hurts us or talks about us. May we be like our Lord Jesus and show them grace. May we show our kids grace, when they disobey. May we shower others with the gospel by showing them grace when they mess up, cause we all do it! Thank you so much Father, for your grace.