Friday, June 19, 2009

Nathanael's Best Buddy, Aunty Jenna!

My best friend and sister has been such a blessing to our family. She has cared for and watched Nathanael like he was her own. I have been able to do many things because of this amazing girl who watches my son "just exactly the way I want." You know how all mothers like things done a certain way and each mother has her own ways. Well Jenna has really picked up on almost all the little ways I like things done. She will be a wonderful mother one day and will make some man a happy husband. I pray that the Lord will continue to work in her life. She truly is the best sister and best friend I have.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are back!

It has been awhile since we have blogged, but we are back and we have some wonderful news. There is going to be another baby Cole. Praise the Lord he has heard our hearts desire. The Lord is so merciful and so so kind. First he redeemed us and now he has blessed us with another soul to raise for him. Nathanael has been a huge blessing to us. He is starting to walk and he can say thank you in sign language. He is a very wild boy for which we rejoice but can be tired out many a day. We will let you know if this next little blessing is a boy or a girl. Either is fine with us. Please pray for a healthy delivery. We are trying to have an all natural birth this time around. May it be.