Friday, October 2, 2009

Nathanael's Summer Summed Up

Daddy and Nathanael snoozing together on our family vacation.

Nathanael and his friend Chris looking at a book together. Chris lives down the hall and we get to see him quite a bit. He is about 10 months younger than Nathanael

Nathanael at Chucky Cheese. Next time we go, he will have a little brother to take with him, Lord willing.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Nathanael.

Another picture at the farm. Nathanael loves to run around at the farm.

Nat getting ready for Church.

Nathanael got to go swimming quite a bit this summer. He loved the water and wasn't afraid one bit. He started kicking on his back with mama holding him of course.

Nathanael at the farm. He got to pick his first carrot and his first head of lettuce. It was so funny because once he got the carrot out of the ground he tried to put it back into the ground.

Every fourth of July the Fire Department has a breakfast and they let the kids explore the fire trucks and sit in the drivers seat. Nathanael had a good time.

Nathanael putting his books away. He loves to point out the cars and balloons and other things he recognizes on each page. He has taken to the fire trucks and cars. He likes to make car noises.

Auntie Felicia came to visit Nathanael this summer.

Nathanael playing at Chucky Cheese.

Daddy and Nathanael at Chucky Cheese!

This is Nathanael playing the guitar. Its his favorite instrument.

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