Friday, February 29, 2008

His Mercies never Fail!

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has been so incredibly good to our family. Nathanael is now in his 33rd week and he has been a blessing to both Derek and I. We love him so much and are thankful to the Lord for him and this chance to be parents. We must admit it is so hard to wait when you really want to see what he looks like and hold him in your arms. The Lord has his birthday all planned out, as well as all his days (Psalm 139), which is comforting to know. My belly has gotten quite big. It is even bigger now than in these Valentine's day pictures. I cannot complain, it isn't always fun, but I can be thankful that I have Nathanael, and any back ache or other aches are so worth it for this little boy. He has been kicking very hard as well as sleeping lots. I love to see his legs or arms move across my tummy. He could come at any time. Here are some quotes that Derek and I found to be interesting:
Christian parents “will endeavor that their children may be more God’s
children than theirs.”- Thomas Watson

“Women especially must expect so much suffering in a married life, that if
God had not put into them a natural inclination to it, and so strong a
love to their children, as maketh them patient under the most annoying
troubles, the world would ere this been at an end, through their refusal
of so calamitous a life.”- Richard Baxter

Daniel Rogers wrote, “Husbands and wives should be as two sweet friends,
bred under one constellation, tempered by an influence from heaven whereof
neither can give any reason, save mercy and providence first made them so,
and then made their match; saying, see, God hath determined us out of this
vast world for each other.”

Now all these quotes have some measure of truth to them. Even the one about a married women having a harder life than a non-married women. But the blessings are so great, that they by far outweigh the trouble and hardship.

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