Sunday, January 6, 2008

Derek and Steph's Wedding

It is amazing how God brings two people together and makes them one. Our wedding day was unforgettable. The groom was definitely the best part of the whole wedding, at least that is what the bride thought. A big thank you to all the people who brought it together. Cheri Johnson, Licha Esquivel, Mary Bloomberg, Mom (Mary Sanders) and Dad (Danny Sanders), and our two photographers Keith Whyte and Michael Floyd, you guys will never be forgotten, thank you for your sacrifices and hard work. And of course my little sister Jenna, who introduced us to one another at school. Where would I be without her?
Also a big thanks to our dear pastor, Steve Harris who gave a wonderful message on the roles of man and wife. We were grateful for the presence of our church family, Juanita Community Church, who truly helped us celebrate this life-changing event. We love all of you. The Lord is so good to us to give us people who care about us as well us provide for all our needs. Thank you Father, for saving us and loving us enough to give us good and perfect gifts on earth.

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